Finger Penetration Frame


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The blade cuts right through the spectator’s finger!

This is an extremely clever close-up penetration effect, where a solid wooden plate penetrates right through the performer’s or a spectator’s finger. This handy model can be carried in your pocket, and is ready to use any place, any time.

It is suitable for presentation before a young audience, where other Finger Chopper effects utilizing knives or blades would not be suitable. The apparatus supplied comprises of a wooden plate with a hole, and a split frame with a slot  into which the plate fits. The frame has a flexible joint at the bottom and will open out, allowing you to show the frame empty in a most convincing manner. You display the apparatus, removing the plate from the frame, showing the frame clearly empty, and the plate freely on both sides.

Draw up the plate, and place your finger through the hole in the frame. Or you could have a spectator place their finger through the hole. Press down the plate by the handle and you have the perfect illusion of the plate penetrating the finger! Then split the frame on top wide enough, so that the finger and plate can be moved up and out of the frame showing that the plate has clearly  penetrated onto the finger as the finger is now inside the hole!

Looks totally impossible to the onlookers; but is very easy to accomplish and is perfectly safe for the volunteer’s finger. There is never any chance of harming the spectator’s finger if used as described.