Go Go Vanisher (Viking Mfg)


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Originally a Gypsy gimmick for stealing small articles, discovered by Stewart James many years ago, and now available to you for a dramatic instant and visual vanish!

This is an oldie but still a goodie. If you have never seen this hank used, you are in for a surprise.

The effect is quite simple. A small ball, egg, coin, figure, etc. is placed on your assistant’s outstretched hand or even on a table top or chair. The silk hank is draped over the item and when the silk hank is whisked away, the ball or what-ever has vanished!

It really is that quick and easy. You can even vanish an orange or ball while it rests on the palm of the spectator and they will be none the wiser.

Viking Mfg’s “Go Go Vanisher” is made in-house from the finest black brocade material with a lighter underside. Comes with complete instructions. Cloth measures approx. 18″ square. Finest quality at a very reasonable price. Click on the photo and you will get a glimpse at the beautiful brocade material.

Due to years of experimentation and use, they have found this to be the perfect mix designed to be most effective, with little to no chance of error.