Grant’s Illusion Secrets


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This is a pre-owned manuscript. Good condition. Forty-one un-numbered pages; page size: 8-1/2″ x 11″.

Published by O’Neal Magic in Columbus, Ohio

“Twenty-four illusions as mysterious to audiences today as when they were performed years ago. Most are so easy to construct and execute that a teenager could do them. A couple of three fold screens and a large sheet gives you the material for several of the illusions.

On a pure value scale, this booklet should sell for hundreds of dollars. See below for the list of illusions you will learn to build and perform. Each one could be the highlight of your next show!

Girl in Net
Mummy Cloth
Hindu Basket
Cane Cabinet
Sawing Thru
Screen Illusion
Chain Suspension
Sword Cabinet
Suitcase Suspension
Girl in Shower
Buzz Saw
Lite Bulbs Thru Girl
Park Bench Vanish
Dagger Head Vanish
Girl in House
Book of Life
Electric Chair
Chair Vanish
Tent Illusion
Dancing Slippers
Big Production
Human X-ray
Packing Box
Thru A Ribbon