Heller’s Book of Magic


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From an old magician’s estate purchase. Soft covers; published by Johnson Smith & Company in Detroit, Michigan. Undated, but circa 1900. Book size: 5″ x 7-1/4″, 102 numbered pages. Tears and some missing material to the spine. (see picture) Pages toned from age. Page 101/102 are slightly torn near the spine area. Otherwise good to fair condition.

Some of the amazing old magic in this book are: *Brief, But All-Important Hints * Conjuring Tables * Conjuring Dress * The Magic Halfpenny Box * The Magic Marble Pedestal * The Magic Money Box * The Magic Telegraph Box * The Barber’s Pole * The Marvelous Shower of Sweets * The Wizard’s Egg and Mystic Bag * The Great Nose and Twine Trick * The Magic Funnel * The Mysterious Glass of Ink * The Changing and Burning Card Box * The Mystic Bran Glass * The Mysteriously Counter Pedestal* Mouchoir du Diable or The Demon Handkerchief* The Dissolving Pile of Halfpence * The Magic Dissolving Pack of Cards * The Wonderful Rattle Box * The Mysterious Candle and Bewitched Handkerchief * The Enchanted Card and Rose * The Mystic Family * Forcing Packs of Cards * The Disappearing Pack of Cards * Magic Spring Balls * Magic Spring Babies * The Mystic Fruit Knife* The Magic Birth of Flowers* The Magic Flowers and Mysterious Bottle * The Magic Millet Bell and Bushel of Seed ” The Magic Hammer and Ball * The Mystic Sweet Wand * The Mystic Money Plate * The Goblets and Hat Trick * The Mysterious Glass Casket ” The Magic Canister ” The Great Sack Trick * The Dissolving Flag and Candle * The Dissolving Egg and Handkerchief * The Mysterious Bran Bottle * The Passe-Passe Bottle * The Inexhaustible Bottle * The Mysterious Ladle of Fire * The Mysterious Watch Mortar * The Mysterious Card Table * The last chapter lists several tricks.