Hyrum The Haunted Hank (Empire)


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“Hyrum The Haunted Hanky” is one of the easiest haunted handkerchief effects on the market. You’ll be performing in minutes. Simple, visual, and a blast to perform! Highly recommended!

Your spectators may not “believe” in ghosts. But, if they’ve ever heard a funny noise or felt a presence they couldn’t explain, you’ve got them right where you want them for this effect!

You begin your performance by announcing that you can see ghosts. You pause for a moment and correct yourself. “Well, I can’t really say I’ve ever actually “seen” a ghost. But, I have experienced them. And my guess is that you have too. I’ll show you what I mean.”

You explain, “People imagine that ghosts are large, like people, and that’s how ghosts have been represented in television and movies. But anyone who’s actually experienced a ghost will tell you that ghosts aren’t subject to the same physical constraints as we are.”

You explain that for this reason your spectators (or anyone else for that matter) will probably never “see a ghost”. But, if they watch carefully, they may just experience one tonight. Having said this you start to look around the room curiously. Finally, you grab a “ghost” out of the air, pick up a corner of your handkerchief, and throw the “ghost” under your handkerchief.

To prove you have “captured a ghost”, you pose a seemingly ridiculous question: “Hyrum, is that you?”. At that moment the center of the handkerchief shoots up and dances around for several hilarious seconds, almost as though Hyrum is trying to escape. Before the “ghost” can get away, you grab the handkerchief and try to contain the source of all this motion. But it’s too late! Hyrum has escaped! You now show that the handkerchief is free of any attachments, fold it up and put it away.

NOTE: No skill required and very easy to do. This really is a very easy effect to perform for such a great spectator response that you receive from it.