J. C. Coin Routines – Handle With Gloves (Jack Chanin)


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Pre-owned; first edition; 1941; soft covers; staple bound; 31 pages. Front cover and first page are creased at the upper right sections; covers slightly soiled; all other interior pages are good. Pages 16 & 17 (the two center pages) have pulled free from the staple binding.

Looking for a way to magically produce four or more coins that you can use in other routines (Matrix, Coins Across, etc.)? Checkout Jack Chanin’s J.C. Favorite – a production of coins from a silk handkerchief that’s as easy to do as it is beautiful to watch. It’s just one of the effects taught by the legendary manipulator in this illustrated book. And despite the sub-title, it’s material you can perform without gloves. Written for both the beginner, as well as advanced manipulator.

Contents include:

May I Have A Word With You Please? (Jack Chanin): Intro

J.C Streamlined Palming Coins: About Jack’s palming coins

Working with Gloves: About wearing gloves

Tips: About the effects

Sleeving: From heel of palm

J.C Palm: For stack of coins

Requirements: What you’ll need

Between the Fingers: Production

Gone with the Flame: Vanish

6 from 11?: Vanish

J.C Favorite: Production

Knuckles: One at a time vanish

J.C Master Production and Vanish: With a silk

An Old Trick Dressed Up: Coin fold

Just a Production

Short and Sweet: Pencil vanish

Coin Migration: With silk and plate

J.C. Gold and Silver: As above

Suggestions: Final tips