Vintage Berland’s Biltrix Series #1


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From an old magician’s estate purchase. Original 1st edition. Good pre-owned condition. Soft covers, staple bound, eight un-numbered pages, page size: 5-3/4″ x 9″.

Copyright 1940 by Samuel Berland.

Explains two great tricks with paper money!

Touch of King Midas: Performer has two one-dollar bills examined, and both are marked by spectator in any manner. Hands are perfectly empty and bills are in
full view at all times. He requests someone to hand him a King of Diamonds from a deck. Performer likens the King of Diamonds to the touch of King Midas. He touches the King to one of the dollar bills. Tosses King out to audience. Performer now takes one of the bills in his right hand and when hand is opened the bill has melted away! Remaining bill is tossed out for examination. Hands are perfectly empty. Magician asks anyone to look in pocket, and they find the missing marked bill.

One to Four: Performer borrows a dollar bill. Bill is cut in half with a scissors, then into fourths. The four quarters are fanned at the fingertips. Empty right hand, now grasps one of the fourths, and zip! he gives it a flip and it expands to a full size bill! This is repeated with the remaining three parts, each turning into a full size bill!