Joker’s Wild (Jumbo Cards) (Jose de La Torre)


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The performer shows the three cards he was dealt in a three-cards poker game; three sixes. He knows he can not win because he glimpsed the cards of the player on his right and they were three sevens. So he discards a six and is dealt an eight. So he magically changes all cards to eights! But he can not win either because he saw the player on his left had three nines. So he discards an eight and gets a Joker. He decides to change the cards again, but unfortunately, the Joker plays a joke on him! The backs of all the cards change to colorful Jokers as well as the faces! All faces and backs are shown as Jokers! The performer has 6 Jokers with only three cards!

This is a really fantastic effect that’s very easy to do. You also receive a bonus effect explained at the end of instructions. This miracle of magic can be performed close-up or on stage. Numbers, pips, and other details of the cards were specially designed to be easily seen on stage, but this is a gem of close-up magic as well. Cards are seven by eleven inches, silk screened in a high quality cardboard. Jokers are printed in three colors.