Louis Tannen’s Mechanical Miser’s Dream


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This came from an old magician’s estate purchase. It comes with the original three pages of instructions, special magic wand, and the special copper mechanical Miser’s Dream pail with the turning base. Not included are the six original palming coins, the six palming coins with a small hole in the center, pocket holder for the wand, and a package of spring bills with a safety pin holder. This is the way we received the outfit from the previous owner. Locating and making up the missing items should not be too much of a problem for anyone who is handy or already may have some of the items in their possession.

Effect: Showing both hands empty, performer picks up a small copper pail and proceeds to catch coin upon coin from the air. Coins to the left, coins to the right, coins up, down and everywhere. Coins from a spectator’s ear, pocket, mouth, in fact, even the spectator themself can catch a coin from the air.

As a startling finale the magician reaches into the air and produces not coins, but a fistful of crisp, crackling dollar bills!

For the first time in magic the “Miser’s Dream” has been routined and perfected to eliminate the difficult moves and sleights. The routine directions are so implicit, you will be able to do the mechanical “Miser’, Dream” after reading the instructions. In performing this routine you are aided by  an ordinary looking copper pail which delivers a load into your hands and then continues to supply you with as many coins as you desire.