Multiplying Coin Tray (Pro)


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Pour coins from this nicely constructed black plastic tray and watch them magically multiply! The Multiplying Coin Tray is a classic of magic. Many routines are possible with the aid of this cleverly designed prop.

With this clever prop, the magician can multiply the number of coins in a spectator’s hand with no sleight of hand. Simply slide the coins off the tray and the work is done! It’s that easy.

The basic routine is as follows: Six coins are counted onto the tray and the spectator chooses one. From across the stage you pour the remaining five coins into another spectator’s hands which they close tightly so as not to allow anything else to enter. Now you make the spectator’s selected coin vanish (using your favorite method) and when the second spectator opens their hand they find all six coins!

Tray measures approximately 5″ wide x 6″ long x 7/8″ thick. This tray will secretly house up to four half dollar or five quarter sized coins if needed.