Mutanz (Bob Farmer & Roy Walton)


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A really bizarre packet trick. Strange and supernatural forces twist and possess ordinary playing cards until they become grotesque mutants – in the hands of the spectators!

Premise: In every deck of cards, there is one card, the King of Clubs, that is a secret mutant. By himself, isolated in the deck, he is harmless – but when combined with duplicate mutants from other decks, symbiotic magical reactions result.

Effects seen:

1. Four duplicate Kings of Clubs are displayed all face up. One card is turned face down and the other three cards magically turn face down!

2. One card is turned face up and all three other cards magically turn face up!

3. Once again a card is turned face down and all of the other three Kings magically turn face down as well. Cards are shown one by one on both sides.

4. A king is placed in the performer’s pocket from where it vanishes and reappears face up among the other face down cards!

5. Two of the Kings are placed face down in the spectator’s hands. Their faces vanish, leaving all backs on both sides! But that’s not all – the two cards retained by the magician become all faces on both sides!

Inexplicable, unexplainable, enigmatic, and just plain weird!

No angles! Everything examinable! Resets instantly!

Includes special Bicycle cards and detailed photo-illustrated instructions.