P&L Ghost Tube With Bullet Insert


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This a a vintage pre-owned item from the P & L Manufacturing Company in New Haven, Connecticut. We acquired this from an old magician’s estate buy-out. The red painted surface is quite good with only minor chips and scratches. No dents that we can see. The chrome drum head rings are in very good condition.

Effect: The magician shows a red painted metal tube to be completely empty and then seals the ends with tissue paper and chrome rings to create a drum head appearance. A flashlight can be shinned through the tube and tissue papers showing that the tube is still empty. Yet, at any time the performer wishes, he breaks the paper drum head at one end of the tube and makes a large production of silk handkerchiefs, ribbons, streamers, etc.

With the Bullet Loader Insert the performer is able to turn the capped tube over to the other end and make a production from that side of the tube as well.

Note: You receive the tube, chrome rings, and Bullet Loader Insert as pictured. No instructions but we will type up something for the buyer if they need them. Let us know. You supply your production items.

The tube measures approximately 7″ long by 2-3/4″ in diameter. The Bullet Loader measures 3″ long by 2-1/4″ in diameter.

Note: Because of the size and weight of this item additional shipping to your location may be required.  Please contact us for a shipping quote to your location before ordering. Thank you.