Playing Cards: The Complete Guide To 52 Games, 52 Tricks, 52 Skills by Rob Beattie


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This is a pre-owned book. Good condition. A few light stains on the top edges of the pages when view with the book closed.  Interior of pages are all clean. No creases or marks.

Packed with easy-to-follow illustrations and step-by-step instructions, this complete guide to playing cards tells you how to play 52 games, master 52 skills, and perform 52 tricks. Whether you want to sit down for a family game of cards, learn a fancy shuffle to impress your friends, or even a simple trick to amaze them, all you need is a deck of cards and this book.

“Playing Cards” by Rob Beattie is an interesting book for those who want to learn some new card game or a trick, or already know some and want to expand their knowledge.

Inside reader can find information and rules about 52 card games from “Go Fish” to more advanced games like “Bridge”, together with 52 card shuffling and cutting techniques that can be mastered.

Also for those who want to play a little magician, the author has prepared 52 simple card trick that can be easily and quickly learned and thus impress your card partners, friends or anyone else (other than an experienced magician).

Card Games section gives reader an opportunity to learn standard rules for each card game, while listing similar versions for each of the games included. Also the author is giving tactical explanations for the more complex games.

Great add-on is also inclusion of detailed scoring charts for games like “Bridge” in order for player to better understand the scoring system which is one of the most important prerequisites to be able to learn and enjoy these card games.

The instructions for the games, skills and tricks are provided in a simple and understandable manner, so that they can be used for all readers/players, both younger and adult.

Therefore, this book can be recommended as a book that is convenient to carry with you whenever you go on a trip or a party where you know there will be opportunities for card playing, because besides having playing cards there is anything that would be required to have fun.