Six Card Repeat (Jumbo)


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This is a pre-owned item that’s in good working order. The four pocket cards have been re-taped as the original tape had dried up and come loose.

Here’s a jumbo card version of this well know classic effect. Great for those larger audiences but can be used for closer work as well.

The magician counts six jumbo cards from hand to hand. The audience can plainly see that there are only six cards. Three of the cards are placed aside, yet when the performer recounts the cards, there are six again. This counting six cards, throwing three away, and then counting six again, is repeated for a total of four times with equal results. It gets funnier and funnier as the routine progresses. Lots of room for clever patter with this one.

Very easy to do. No sleight-of-hand required as the special cards do all work for you. This pre-owned set is in good operating condition with a some of the cards having a few stains on their faces but nothing too terrible. Supplied with some basic instructions.

The regular poker-size card pictured is for size comparison only and is not included. We want to give the viewer a perspective on the size of the jumbo cards compared to a regular poker size card.