Stop Light Trix


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Three jumbo cards, each with a colored spot on both sides, are show to the audience. The cards represent the colors of the traffic light. Green for go, Red for stop, and Yellow for caution. The three cards are squared up and placed into a folded piece of newspaper or under a large cloth.

Now the magician removes the red spot card and shows it on both sides and then places it aside. Next the green spot card is removed, show on both sides, and also placed aside. That leaves the yellow spot card inside the paper. The magician claims that the yellow spot card has vanished from the paper, looks inside, and tells the audience it is gone, without showing the audience inside the paper.

Of course, the kids don’t take the performer’s word and want to see inside for themselves. Here’s where the performer can have a lot of fun and this can be played up to the best of the performer’s acting abilities. Finally the performer opens up the paper and shows there is a card with the word “WRONG” on it in big bold letters. The paper is shown on both sides and can be crumbled up and tossed into the audience as there is truly nothing inside. It appears that the yellow spot card has indeed vanished and the audience was WRONG in thinking it was still inside the paper.

But wait, now the kids want to see what’s on the back side of the WRONG card, as the magician has not yet shown that side, so the kids think the yellow spot is on that side. So now the performer engages is some more comedy by-play with the kids about turning the card over to the other side. Any of the old classic gags can be brought into play at this time. Finally, with the kids in a frenzy, the performer turns the WRONG card over to the other side for the kids to see, not the yellow spot, but “WRONG AGAIN” in big bold letters!