The Hierophant – Volumes 3 and 4 (Racherbaumer)


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Jon Racherbaumer’s famous publication for close-up card magicians.

All the greats have contributed to these volumes: Hamman, Dingle, Marlo, Jennings, Vernon, Cervon, Elmsley and more.

Many photographs and illustrations make these the most comprehensive descriptions of the latest and greatest routines.

Here are the top professionals’ innermost secrets – most often described in the past only by word of mouth – but finally revealed by Jon Racherbaumer in brilliant, concise, completely informative descriptions. Not only are the effects impressive, but they include the finest of the updated card classics, for the present day use of all quality card performers.

Contents include:

Issue 3:

Major Arcana
Hurley’s Chinese Enigma
Repeat Signed Card To Case
Signature Transposition
Simplex or Comples
Minor Arcana
Cervon’s Dealing the Flush
Allan Ackerman’s The Fickle Card’s Fingered Fate
The Professor’s Incubus
Roy Walton’s Friendly Persuasion
3 to the power of 2 Deal Duplicated
The Satiricon
La Fleury, Pagan Cardicienne
Dove Droppings From All Over
Ask the Millwright
Olram Returns
Convincing Control
Marlo on the Charlier Pass
Variant of Hit Second Deal
The Surprise Packet
Signed Card In …
No-turn Triumph
Tilt Collectors
All You Have To Do Is Watch
Marlo’ One-Hand Bottom Deal Illusion
Another Visit
Another Open Prediction
Direct Transformation

Issue 4:

Publisher’s Palaver
Simon Aronson’s “Lie Detector” Speller
Those Collectors Again
Tibetan Checkers
Marlo Fakes Out Elmsley
Setting Up A Packet Exchange …
The Open Double Deal Exchange
Skinning the Cat
Gone To Earth
Fly Me To The Moon
Dunbury’s Delusions
The Satiricon
Jack Liuso on “We’re Going To Chicago”
Jerry Andrus on “Card Miracle Extraordinary”
The Original R or B Phantom
Who’s Hockley?
The Wrong Deck
Right-Hand Pressure Fan Notes
Pardon My Backs
Almost Making It
The Perpetrator

Copyright 1976 by Tannen Magic, Inc.

Hierophant 3 & 4 starts with page 101 and goes to page 217.

Page size 8.5 x 11 inches.