Trans-Mental 3 – Gemsation (Viking Mfg)


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One of Viking Mfg’s greatest mental effects ever! A VH Original.

A slender brass case with threaded lid and five brass rods, numbered from one through five, is shown. Each rod has a different colored jewel embedded in its top.

A spectator is invited to join in an experiment of thought transference using these simple props.

The object of the effect is for the spectator to hide one of the numbered and jeweled rods within the brass case, sealing same and concealing the remainder of the rods from the Magician’s view in the special case. All this is done while the magician’s back is turned or he is out of the room.

Upon the magician’s return, he immediately names the hidden rod within the sealed brass tube!

This may be repeated with equal success. Remember, nothing is added or taken away. No questions are asked.

Self-Contained. Precision Craftsmanship. No weights, magnets, or secret slides. Comes with various presentations and special custom-fitted case.

Viking products give you the power to create miracles with their precision workmanship.

Do not accept cheap imitations. Look for the Viking logo to confirm it’s an original product.