Twenty Tricks With Wiztax (Sam Berland) Book Only


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Wiztax is a relatively inexpensive secret magic accessory you can use instead of, or in conjunction with, sleight of hand to vanish, produce or switch coins, cards and other small objects like thimbles, etc. It also lets you show your hands unmistakably empty after vanishing a coin or other small object. And the best part is that Wiztax leaves no trace of itself when removed.

Wiztax is an ideal way to vanish a card from the deck, indetectably switch a billet, or produce a silk or cigarette seemingly from thin air. In fact, its uses are only limited by your imagination. And the best part is, your audience is never aware of its existence.

In this booklet, Sam Berland provides you with 20 tricks.

Note: The original small supply of Wiztax that is supplied with the book has dried up due to age. There are modern day replacement adhesives on the market that will give you the same result as Wiztax.