Vampire Spike Electronic Mentalism


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This just in from a magician’s estate purchase. Comes with the original instructions for setting up and use. Uses two 12-volt A23 batteries that are supplied. We have checked this out for operation and it works perfectly.

Basic effect: A small round wooden platform with a large spike is shown. Three tall paper cups are used. One cup is placed over the spike and platform and the other two cups are placed on either side of the cup with the spike under it. The magician turns his back while a spectator mixes up the three cups so even they are not 100% sure of where the spike is. The performer turns back around and is able to smash down and flatten the two cups (using the palm of his hand) without being impaled with the spike!

You must supply your own paper cups.

Note: Sold to adults only. This can be a dangerous and harmful trick if not handled properly. Not responsible for any harm or damage if improperly performed.