Viking’s Custom Multiplying Golf Ball Set


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Viking Magic has spent over a year developing their Multiplying Golf Ball set. The  balls resemble actual golf balls. The custom shell is a perfect fit and is invisible at twelve inches. The special attention to the edge of the shell was very important and is virtually invisible.

You are supplied with 4 white golf balls and two matching shells plus one red golf ball for a color change.

The fit of the shell to the balls allows you to toss the ball/shell combination into the air with complete confidence. The balls are light weight and very easy to manipulate. The texture allows for a non-slip performance.

The set is designed for stage/parlor but can also be used close-up.

Balls measure 1-11/16 (41.70mm)” (actual golf ball size).

The balls are made from a custom rubber mix which allows for lightweight handling plus an easy-grip surface.