What’s Henry Afraid Of? (Marvello)


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This came from a magic shop buy-out. New old stock. Never used. You receive the special ten bridge-size cards and complete instructions.

Show ten playing cards face down, and count five to the spectator and the rest to you. Explain that the spectator should do as you do but first watch how you take the cards behind your back and remove one keeping it face down and then place it on the table. The spectator does the same. The two tabled cards are exchanged, and this time turned face up, behind each of your backs and placed among the other four face down cards.

Both packs are brought into view and “wow” the only face up card in each pack has a picture of Henry The Magician. Old Henry is afraid that you’ll say the magic word and he will disappear. Not so fast, your’re thinking the other eight cards have Henry’s picture on them.

When you turn over the other eight cards they spell out the Marvello magic word in big letters!

Does Henry disappear? That’s up to you.