Yo Yo Escape (Vintage E-Z Magic)


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From an old magician’s estate purchase. Comes with the original instructions. It appears that the red plastic Bobbin has a glue repair but that does not affect the working of the trick.

Effect: Another great little vintage penetration mystery utilizing a small red plastic Bobbin (called a Yo Yo) and a shoestring. You show the Yo Yo with the shoelace all around it and then ask a spectator to insert a pencil through the center hole. Both ends of the pencil are held tightly by the spectator. The magician pulls down on the shoelace and it is seen to visibly penetrate both the Yo Yo and the pencil in an amazing manner! At the end of the effect all can be examined if you wish.

The method is extremely clever!

Note: You must supply the pencil.