Zero Gravity by Mike Bent


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This is a pre-owned and signed manuscript; good condition. A few light stains on the front cover. Interior nice and clean; no pencil or pen marks. Copyright 1997.

Self-levitation has taken the magic world by storm. Ever since David Blaine levitated himself on national television, magicians the world around have discovered that their lives are not complete unless they can float!

Mike Bent has come up with Zero Gravity — one of the most clever methods of self-levitation we have seen! It looks great!

Imagine walking into the center of a crowded room. Without any cover, totally away from any objects, your body completely levitates 4-5 inches off the ground. Your audience sees both feet completely leave the ground!!It looks as good as it sounds.

Zero Gravity is unlike any levitation on the market. You will receive a detailed manuscript explaining step-by-step how to build the special gimmick. The materials are available at your local hardware store for a small cost

No covers; No camera tricks, No careful audience positioning. It appears totally impromptu. And, the angles are great!