102 E-Z Magic Tricks – 2010 Edition (D. Robbins & Co.)


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Learn some amazing magic tricks quickly and easily all using ordinary objects!

Imagine being able to pick up a spoon, a toothpick, a rubber band, or just about any object at your friend’s house and being able to do an incredible trick with that object! Now THAT’S magic!

This booklet contains the secrets of more than 100 magic tricks you can do! Cards, coins, mind reading, puzzles, it’s all here. You’re sure to find dozens of effects that are just right for your performing style!

This reprint (by D. Robbins & Co. Inc.) of the classic secret booklet (originally published in 1944) has helped thousands to get started in magic. Contains 102 magic tricks, puzzles, ideas and party stunts that you can learn quickly and easily. No special apparatus is required, since each effect uses common household objects such as coins, cards, toothpicks, etc. An absolute must for anyone interested in magic, beginner to professional.

Because this booklet was originally published many decades ago, there are a few tricks included that involve cigarettes and/or fire. Obviously, we do not recommend those types of tricks for children.

Soft covers, staple bound, 17 pages with illustrations.


Checker Jumping
Goblet Juggling
Stars And Circle Trick
Phantom Coin
One Or Two
He Drinks
Presto! Change – O!
Coin Vanish Secret
Painless Surgery
An Obedient Match Box
Mind Reader
Hole In Your Hand
Card Tossing
Houdini’s Knife Trick
Vanishing Dime
Hypnotized Cigar
Takes Practice … But
Do Your Eyes Lie?
Four Ace Production
Think Of A Number
Rising Cigarettes
Spirits’ Pop
Balancing Playing Card
A Problem In Mechanics
Spirit Message
Psychic Power
Make A Bridge
The Flying Handkerchief
Steady Hand…Steady Eye
Eyes Are Fooled
Mystic Picture
Suspend A Spoon
It Drops Through
Building Magic Squares
The Walking Hairpin
Think Of A Card
After Dinner Miracle
Four Coins Into Five
Label Side Up
You Can’t Lose
Does Not Spill
It’s A Fake
A Heart Breaker
Vanishing Glass
Magicians’ Friend
Elusive Watch
Balancing Pennies
Buffalo Stunt
Cute Stunt
It Won’t Overflow
Can You Do This In 3 Moves?
Flying Card
It Vanishes
Bewitched Toothpicks
Rising Seed
The Spinning Egg!
Disappearing Cigar Band
Jumping Egg
Any Number Chosen
The Square Puzzle
Match This One
Magic Release
The Walking Dime
Deceptive Ice
“Mind Reading”
Selected Cards Found
Step Through It
Clever Juggling
Head Through Hole Trick
Up Your Sleeve
Find It
Floating Egg
Get Rich Quick
Card Reading
Your Eye Knows
Gravity Defied
Gravity Defied Again
Money Rolls In
Sex Detector
Sugar Floats
You Can’t Brush It Off
Water Under Hat
Dollar Breaks Pencil
Vanishing Dime
Army Game
Your Nose Knows
Dice Deception
Card Reversal
The Goddess Weeps
Ghost Music
Milk Magic
Glass Floats In Air
See Through A Cup
It Can’t Be Done
Red And Blacks
Magic Arithmetic
To Tell A Card
Broken Toothpick Trick
Jumping Card
Vanishing Card