Find Elmer (Vintage Fun Inc. 1955)


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This is a vintage 1950’s new old stock item we acquired from an old magic shop buy-out. Comes with its original packaging box and instructions. The boxes have some shelf wear and some creases.

Effect: Four miniature metal top hats are introduced along with a painted wooden disc with a picture of Elmer the rabbit. While the magician’s back is turned a spectator hands any one of the hats to him. The spectator now hides Elmer under one of the three remaining top hats. When the magician turns around he is able to find Elmer by looking through his top hat. Very clever!

A really cute little close-up mystery. No secret helpers used. A one-person effect. No hairs attached to the block as in some versions of this type of effect.

Note: The rabbit decal has become loose and fragile from age. You may need to add a new rabbit face to the wooden disc.