Marconick’s Original Magic – Book 4


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This is a pre-owned book.

Second printing; 1970; American tour edition; published by Magic Inc.; soft covers; staple bound; lightly stained and slightly wavy condition probably from previous damp storage. Still a very good reading copy which has some excellent material for the close-up and platform entertainer.

More fine Marconick excitement in another of his fascinating books. The sketch is the applause getting finish of a rope trick he teaches in book four, plus Impossible Cards, Rising Aces, Thimbles, Card on Mirror, Color Change in the Air, Cigarette Production, Instant Rope Thru Neck, Cut and Restored Handkerchief, Bare Hand Silk Production, Jumping Card, Fastest Knot in the World, Dancing Rings, Knotted Twice, Paper Streamer Production, Twentieth Century, Cut and Restored Necktie, Color Change in Glass, Cut and Restored Ribbon, Torn and Restored Magazine, Ring on Ribbon, Pin Up Card.

All tricks with the direct, simple Marconick method that brings results and makes it easy. Several sketches for every trick.