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This is probably the most important work John Scarne wrote. It is complete and authoritative. In this revised edition John provides the reader with a complete look at the world of dice.

Scarne covers the history of modern dice and their earliest uses in games, and then analyzes the mathematics behind gambling to give players a solid foundation in odds and percentages. The most popular forms of dice games are then studied in detail. Bank Craps Las Vegas style gets full treatment with coverage of everything from setting limits, the bank craps table and the different bets to tips on how to play the game sensibly, how to spot a crooked casino and how Las Vegas casinos operate. Open or Money Craps (the private game of craps) is discussed, and the author shows how to spot hustlers and chumps wherever games are played.

Scarne also takes a look at illegal craps and why it is such big business, exposing the gimmicks used and types of people who work this kind of game. Several chapters concentrate on cheats, the ways dice may be fixed and how to recognize a crook at work.

The book also covers popular dice games other than craps, including Backgammon, Chuck-A-Luck, The Cross on the Cage, Crown and Anchor, Klondike, Raffles, Poker Dice, Baseball and many more, with correct odds for all games using 2, 3, 4 or 5 dice. There’s a glossary of dice terms, a guide to calculating the average number of rolls needed to effect a winning or losing decision and tables of odds and percentages for easy reference.

“Scarne on Dice” is the best investment any dice player could ever make. It’s like having the master himself at your elbow whenever the cubes roll.

Contents include:
1 The Professor From Fairview
2 The Old Army Game
3 Scarne’s Official Rules For Craps
4 Your Chance To Win
5 Educated Cubes
6 Scarne’s Correct Odds On Craps
7 One Reason Right Bettors Die Broke
8 The Casino Game: Bank Craps
9 The Big Game: Open Craps
10 The Military Game: Private Craps
11 Gambling Is Big Business: The House
12 Gamblers, Hustlers And Cheats
13 Crooked Dice: Inside Work
14 Crooked Dice: Outside Work
15 Crooks At Work: Moves
16 So You Have A System?
17 Scarne’s Rules For Other Dice Games
18 Glossary
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D

8th revised edition, first Crown edition, copyright 1980.