Six Modern Levitations by U. F. Grant


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This came from an old magician’s estate. A good reading copy. The covers and inner pages have a number of spotted stains that do no affect the reading of the material. There was a printing error and page number six is blank. On page six would have been the explanation for “Best Yet Levitation”. So you are actually getting info for five levitations/suspensions.

Published by O’Neal Magic. Twelve pages (one is blank).

A classic booklet by UF Grant which shows you how to construct six (five) levitations/suspensions using readily available materials. A terrific resource for the club show magician on a budget!

Contents include:

Grant’s Miracle Suspension
Surrounded Type
Improved Super Levitation
Parlor Asrah Levitation
Best Yet Levitation (This page is blank; info missing)
Best Yet Levitation (Impromptu Method)