Strictly Visuals by David Ginn 4th Printing 1976


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Pre-owned; like new condition; soft covers; staple bound; 32 pages; page size: 5-1/2 inches by 8-1/2 inches.

Tricks, routines, tips and ideas that were used and tested in hundreds of live performances and on television.

Mostly using rope, silks, Fantasio canes, flowers, etc.

Great stand-up material designed to be seen on stage by large audiences.

Contents include:

Silk-Flower-Rabbit Sequence
A Rope Appears
When The Silk Jumps Up
Ball To Cane
Table Silk
Card Fan To Flowers
Rabbit Dagger Box?
Flower To Silk Hint
Foo Can On A Pole
Flagstaff From Where?
Back At The Start
Candle From A Card
Rabbit Vanish Tip
Dove Act Laugh
20th Prisoner Silk
Cutting The Ribbon
Cane As A Flagstaff
My Doves To Rabbit
With Billiard Balls And A Silk
Instant Sewing
Another Billiard Ball To Silk
Doug Henning’s Cane To Silk
Surrounded Silks From Newspaper
And The Cane Appears With A Snap!
White Kleenex, White Dove
Last Page Notes