Tag Lines by Robert Orben


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A booket of one-liners covering a good number of topics!

Be the laugh of the party or the rage of the stage! You can do it with smart sizzling Orben comedy from Tag-Lines. Features five long, long continuity routines made up of 336 one line gags. Added to this are 26 bits of business – 3 closings – 24 topical lines – 7 newspaper items – 8 openings – 52 sock singles – 4 song bits – 60 tag lines – and 54 miscellaneous earthquakes! 574 laughs in all, enough to keep you and your audiences roaring for hours. Fun to read and easy to perform!

Once a script writer for Jack Paar’s show (1962-63) and Red Skelton’s show (1964-70), has also written for Dick Gregory (six years), and was a speechwriter for President Gerald Ford in 1973-77.

One-liners, flip lines, gags and patter. Many of these one-lines are still good today. Others just need some updating but still very funny stuff.

This is a first edition; second printing; copyright 1954. Published by D. Robbins & Company, Inc.

Soft covers; staple bound; 40 pages.