Tricks And Illusionettes (Joseph Ovette)


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The Great Ovette teaches a collection of his own easily built magic tricks and small illusions. Originally published by D. Robbins & Co. in 1944.  Illustrated by Thomas M. Libonati.

Ovette was a top ranking magician. He knew what was practical from his own experience as a successful performer. In this excellent book, Ovette gives you the “cream” of many effects used in his own shows. All the tricks can easily be built of any materials you have handy and with the simplest of tools. You will find many tricks in this well illustrated book that will help improve your act, whether you are an amateur or professional.

This edition published in 1982 by D. Robbins & Co., Inc.


3 The Great Ovette: short biography
4 A Novel Opening Number: Dove and Rabbit production from bowls
6 The Waterless Tube: a can is filled with water, but a ribbon pours out and baby chicks are produced
9 Magic Bunny Rings: three rings are placed on a tray and covered with another tray. Top tray is removed, and a rabbit appears.
10 The Oriental Bead Rack: tool to force a color
12 The Oriental Tube: confetti to rabbit illusion
14 Stack of Fish Bowls: inexpensive bowl production
16 Bunny Production Box: how to build it
17 The Traveling Silks: silks travel from one paper bag to another
20 On Again Off Again: follow up with four silks
23 Bird and Cage: dove vanishes from newspaper and appears in box
25 The Vanishing Lamp: lamp vanishes under a cloth
27 Bird and Cage Illusion: Canary and silk transpose
29 Candle and Fan: fan vanishes and a candle has changed into the fan
31 Catalogue of Selected Magic Books: advertisement