Tricks With Magnets (An Abbott Publication)


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Pre-owned from an old magician’s estate purchase. There are a number of stains throughout the pages mostly due to over-inking while being originally printed. These stains do not affect the reading of the material. The first page has what appears to be some coffee stains. There is a light corner crease at the upper right hand corner to all pages.

The 25 items contained in this old nine page manuscript are from U. F. Grant from his days working at the Abbott Magic Co.

Contents incude:

Buddha Coin Mystery
Fortune Telling Coin
Cup Levitation
Grant’s Match Penetration
Mental Detection
Living And Dead Test
Clever Coin Vanish
Sliding Glue
Improved Sliding Glue
Psychic Lock And Keys
Rising Cards And Wand
Coin Through Block
Box, Cover And Coin
Tip-See Pencil
Improved Imp Bottle
Improved Wands And Cords
Stopping A Watch
Handkerchief Box
Rolling Cigarettes
S.S. Adams Coin Box
Magnetic Cigar
Three Shell Game
Number Detection
Mystery Man